Jon Foreman Collaboration

Friends, it was an eventful weekend.  I achieved one of my long time goals- playing music live with one of my favorite songwriters- Jon Foreman.  Switchfoot was playing here in Springfield at the Gillioz last Friday, and before the show Jon asked me if I’d like to accompany him on the cello for the after-show show.  We did four songs in the parking lot behind the Gillioz, to a crowd of people that hung around after the show.  It was truly an honor!  Of course I don’t play the cello in a live setting all that often, so I was a little terrified, but still had fun.  I neglected to get ANY pictures of the performance, so if you were there and took pics, please email them to me!  (

I’ve been keeping something a secret for quite some time, but I think it’s safe to let you all in on this now.  Jon is working on a new solo album, and I wrote some string/piano arrangements for two of the songs.  Since he tweeted about this the other day, I figured it was safe to talk a little bit about it.  I’m not exactly sure when this album is set to be released, but I’m so excited for you all to hear these two songs.  Some of Jon’s best songs yet!

I’ve really been in a collaborative mood this year.  I’ve put aside writing much of anything for myself so I could work with Stacy, and Jon among others.  It’s just where I’m at right now.  I’m working on filling up my fall schedule right now, so if you are interested in booking any studio time with me- long distance, or in Springfield, please let me know asap.  After the fall, I’ll probably jump back into working on a new album of my own full time.

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5 Responses to Jon Foreman Collaboration

  1. LoFiDad says:

    Good for you! I truly believe when we support others, they in turn support us. Exposure, networking and taking risk – it shows your love for what you do.

  2. Would've loved to have heard that! He's one of my favorite musicians. Can't wait to hear your arrangements on those songs! Fingers crossed that someone took pics.
    Catherine Denton

  3. @whosthisani says:

    I saw this one Jon Foremans' twitter and thought, Good lord that would have been incredible to see, especially since I've seen y'all both separately within the same month. If only y'all had been in Dallas at the same time. Can't waif to hear yalls collaboration.

  4. Mac says:

    How exciting! I love Switchfoot!

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